2024 Phase 2 – 14 years Representative Squad announced

Gemma Allen

Chelsea Barker

Lily Durant

Marlee Erickson

Amelia Evans

Juliette Grieve

Shanna Hallett

Lilly Haydn

Alicia Howitt-Marshall

Sairsha Jagger

Matilda Knight

Isla Krisher

Carmela Nocedo

Brooke O’Neill

Mieke Oosthuizen

Elise Ryan

Aishling Watkins

Sophie Watson

Ava Wooden

Lahni Wright

*To be viewed at first training session

*Sally Fidler

*Josephine Kendal

Coaches will be in touch shortly with your training schedule.

Thank you to the Selectors and Umpires for being available during the selection process.

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