2024 Phase 2 -11 years Development Squad announced

Congratulations to the following players and thank you to all applicants for trialling on Sunday.

Isla Abel

Rose Elisabeth Ashby

Ruby Atherton

Jenna Barlow

Willow Brandy

Emily Brewer

Emily Cahill

Molly Carter

Georgia Conroy

Eadie Cornwell

Sasa Dowling

Vienna Eldridge

Lucy Gillen

Grace Girven

April Hamalanien

Kate Hinchcliffe

Grace Kelly

Amelia Koh

Stella Lindsay

Nala Lopala

Isabel Macari

Evie McIntyre-Kiro

Melody O’Donoghue

Emily Nicol

Mia Rayner

Lily Rende

Millie Stone

Miranda Vanderpoel

Anabella Vanezis

Laila Verolin

Evie Wallace

Sophie Wilkinson

Thank you to our umpires and selectors for being available for selections.

Players will be notified shortly in relation to training dates.

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