Rep Corner

Congratulations to all the players on their selections and we are looking forwards towards a positive and successful 2018 compaign.  A big thank you to the selectors, umpires and parents for all their hard work.

Due to unforseen circumstances the 13 years Representative Team will not be announced at this stage due to unforseen circumstances. Players and Parents have been notified.

12 years Representative Team.

Tenaya Emery, Keely Fearnley, Ngaria Gemmell, Brooke Gillett, Ellie McCaughan, Jamie-Lee Myers, Sofia Perl, Amelia Plaister, Allie Reid, Charlotte Rousell.

The following players have been selected into the 12 years Development Team

Lindsay Hallam, Emma King, Amy Kohlmayer,  Kiana Lagudi, Grace Maddams, Matilda Maley, Sienna-Mae Montgomery, Ebony Nash, Lana Pavy, Jessica Rattray.

14 years Representative Team

Scarlett Crooks, Mareta Crowdy, Lucy Drummond, Jada Emery, Ashleigh Flynn, Tiana Jacob, Caitlin Jurzak, Brooke Lane, Beth Stewart, Ellie-Marie Waters.

The following players have been selected into the 13/14 years Development Team

Teegan Harrison, Lydia Hey, Tara Mulcahy, Caitlin Parrelli, Emily Porter, Keira Wuatai.