Congratulations to our 12 years Representative Team undefeated Winners of the 2018 State Age Championships Division 2 at Camden. We are very proud of Tenaya Emery, Keely Fearnley, Ngaria Gemmell, Brooke Gillett, Ellie McCaughan, Jamie-Lee Myers, Sofia Perl, Amelia Plaister, Allie Reid, Charlotte Rousell. Coach Kerry Allard, Assistant Coach Ashleigh Maljevac and Manager Tracey Maljevac.


13 years Representative team finished 5th position in Division 2, Ruby Archer, Tamika Bailey, Carla Barnes, Ruby Best, Taylah Clark, Madison Dabin, Ava Dawson, Ava Healey, Taisha Malikides, Morgan Mannion, Kaydene Pene-Haste, Mia Zappia. Coach Marilyn Powell, Assistant Coach Jade Blacklidge and Manager Jackie Proctor.


14 years Representative team finished 12th position in Division 1 at Liverpool Scarlett Crooks, Mareta Crowdy, Lucy Drummond, Jada Emery, Ashleigh Flynn, Tiana Jacob, Caitlin Jurzak, Brooke Lane, Beth Stewart, Ellie-Marie Waters, Coach Jenene Carling, Assistant Coach Simone Mitchell and Manager Fiona Downes.


15 years Representative team finished 12th position in Division 1, Emily Bates, Kala Bennett, Holly Birchall, Bianca Blackhall, Daisy Hanslow, Tayla Keating, Charlize Lloyd-Phillips, Eden Matterson, Mia Middleton, Charlee Proctor, Coach Fiona Croucher, Assistant Coach Aleisha Ford and Manager Margaret Allen.

Thank you to our Umpires who attended over the 3 days at Liverpool and Camden, Sandra Kohlmayer, Jenna Styant, Jess Degeling, Emma Kohlmayer, Gayle Wilkin, Jordan Kendall, Deb Walter, Michelle Cremer and Kath Styant. Appreciation to our GNA Executive Sam Gribble, Joy Dasan, Leanne Phillips, Belinda Beresford, Annette Sutton and Sue-Anne Morgan going between Liverpool and Camden supporting our teams.

We would also like to thank the parents for your continued support. All the family, friends and spectators who attended to cheer our players on. Great achievement Gosford. GO GO GOSFORD!